Cad designing

The engineering industries are emerging with vast growth in India and companies offer limited opportunities to meet the demands of these growing industries. IndustryCad provides engineering design support to various Industries, workshops and clients. Our design services includes 3D to 2D drafting and detailing, 2D to 3D conversion and Assembly management satisfies the product manufacturing needs for our clients.

3D to 2D drafting and detailing- Precise Cad 2D drawings are very important from the initial design conditions of products, components, etc.

These technological 2D cad drawings are  used as information in the production of the real components. Significantly more than simple drawings, these records provide all the information necessary to create the component. So that the Cad designer’s view is understand by the manufacturers and proper GD&T and other specifications covered with quality. IndustryCad deliver our best 3D to 2D drafting and detailing services for components, sheet metals, tools, SPM (Special purpose machines) and more.

Transform 2D CAD files into 3D models-

Transform 2D CAD files into 3D models-Your industry have to create high quality products in a cost-effective manner to remain and grow in a rising competitive market. 3D CAD modelling is a powerful tool that allows you to correctly visualize and bring your ideas into physical entities in software. With the help of Cad software you can handle things such as material specifications, color to create any range of 2D drawing or even 3D cad models. 3D modelling allows one to visualize and check your product before manufacturing it, which makes the Modelling is a critical part in the design procedure and a three-dimensional printer can develop a physical model that can be used as a replica.

The rising need for conversion from 2D to 3D services. The present technology market has become increasingly visually focused, and it is important that you show the notion of your product in the most realistic way to your market. In present days, a product is successful if it sell in the market generate you profit otherwise it fails.

IndustryCad will help you convert your 2D drawings or ideas into an accurate 3D cad model that will help you achieve your profitable goals and launch your product on your market very soon. We are available for technology world looking to create best 3D units from 2D drawings and ideas.

Product design is the procedure of changing the concept idea into real product. Our CAD professionals know how to change the data in their 2D drawings, such as measurements, GD&T to exceptionally changeable three-dimensional types. These types can also be invaluable for prototyping today and throughout the production of the future. When it is transformed from 2D into 3D designs, it is directed to a more impressive market. Our independent Product designers can assist anywhere in the practice of converting your 2D drawing into a 3D product that exactly reflects you are working to deliver to your client.

CAD to CAD data conversions to improve your work process-

Our drafting specialists are prepared to deal with any type of transformation you may need. Our Cad migration service simplifies your work from different CAD platforms into a single working cad. We can help you change any single drawing file into an exact and precise multi-layer CAD drawing, or convert it starting with one CAD data to the other.

Mounting 3D Assembly-

In the event that you are planning a product and have 3D units created for almost all parts, you can assemble them virtually. The software can find faults such as holes that do not align up between the components. You can also look for interference that could prevent real parts from assembling as they should be.

The 3D assembly design gives you an incomparable degree of versatility in this regard. You can check the appearance in assembly of the part-by-part interface of the components and organize them accordingly before manufacturing and later you can also take any point of view and translate it into a 2D drawing. DFA can be an effective and cost saving tool. Not only does it make the manufacturing process much more manageable, it also allows you to create a higher quality product. If you are at the beginning of the process or have begun to closely examine the materials and processes, our designers can provide help.

Solution for design

  • Concept design
  • 2D & 3D design
  • Reverse engineering
  • Assembly management
  • Tolerance analysis and GD&T
  • Sheet metal Design
  • Surface Design
  • Special purpose machine solution


Manufacturing Solution for design-

  • Tool design
  • Die design
  • Rapid prototyping